hi there.

welcome to ‘the undergrowth’ – a site dedicated to authentic people who think beyond what we are told to think about. i suppose you could describe me as a sometimes-cliche-teenager, and a sometimes-cliche-hating-teenager – someone who writes ironically about the various “problems” residing in the societally-engineered foundations of gen-whatever minds. i guess you’ll have to stick around to find out what those, in my opinion, are. i think a lot. i write down my thoughts and sometimes, i post them. i often write about really depressing shit – the feelings, emotions, pains and joys of being human – some of which i have never experienced myself, but have had close friends and family go through.

while i’ve blogged before, i have founded “the undergrowth” during a stage of my life that warrants a fresh chapter – and a fresh website. i guess you’re wondering why i’ve called this site what i have. “the undergrowth”… pretty cryptic. i know.

first, a definition (courtesy of the Oxford Dictionary):




  1. a dense growth of shrubs and other plants, especially under trees in woodland.

essentially, this site is a collection of the dense varieties of thoughts, objections and ideas that originate from the depths of my mind and soul. intense, i know. these are thoughts that come from a place which ideally to society, is automatically suppressed and made to feel unnatural, uncomfortable and unwelcome in the social forum. so, that’s exactly what i’m doing. i’m here to challenge society and the talk about the good and the bad it has created. all, of course, in a fun n fresh way that veers away from the mainstream teenage “rebelliousness” of the modern era.

i aim to uncover and reveal the “shrubbery”, the originality and authenticity of humanity that is being so rapidly and thoughtlessly lost beneath the noise (trees) of our society (woodland). yup: it’s a metaphor. i think you get it.

so welcome! stick around if you find yourself intrigued by the inner workings of a 15 year old’s mind, if you’re sick of the fakeness of our today’s society, or if you find enjoyment in reading uncomfortably deep poetry, opinion-pieces/articles etc.

oh, and my lowercase letters thing? just adds to the allure of the whole ironic-teenager thing i’ve got going… 😉



(writer of ‘the undergrowth’: an overly cliche website created by a teenager whose overly ironic and cynical tone makes her think she is unique and original.)


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