A dream

A dream is a beautiful thing. But as with all beauty, it is fragile, ruinable. Sad. A dream, by which I mean an aspiration, a goal. But more than a goal. A dream is romantic, improbable, dazzling, impractical. It sets alight the heart and is guarded by it, not for the scrutiny of peering third parties. Not for their ponderings or suggestions. No, a dream is intensely personal. It is the culmination of an entire person into a single idea. It is everything they know about themselves, their hopes, their essence, their being, rolled into one.

Dreams power the world. They are the secret heart that holds our humanity, that connects us all with veiny threads of red, beating with the pulse of warm blood. Why do we not value our dreams? We fear failure. We fear that pursuing the thing closest to our soul, the thing that beats its warm body near to our tender hearts, will be the honest test of our worth. It is saying “This is who I am. Entirely and completely.”

And to fail is to fail, ultimately, as a human. It is to be rejected and proven inferior by the world. To fail at a goal – an easy wound to heal. But at a dream… such fear is justified. But I tell you. Be bold. Believe that through the fog awaits a blossoming paradise.

Fear. Embrace it, carry it with you, but embark on that dream regardless. Your dream is you. It is all that you see in the world. All you admire and desire, all you recognise within you. A dream is what sets you alight in excitement and purpose and erupts that bursting firework into flames of shining red and gold. We need your essence in this sad, dying world. So don’t betray your soul, don’t deny the world. Whatever it is, your dream, whatever it may be, follow it to the ends of the earth.


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