other organisations i admire:


stuff you can do:  <– do this to find out more about yourself and your purpose…

spread the word.

slow down.

start a conversation about something deep – talk with people, not to people. make them feel comfortable about thinking beyond the surface.

read a novel.

download forest –

and get off your phone.

turn off your social media notifications (small things have big impacts.)

eat healthier.

work on yourself – get to know your darkness, your flaws, your shadow-self, grow in who you are.

buy a journal and write anything you’re thinking: you’ll thank yourself

be open minded. tolerate others and hear them, even if you don’t agree. keep the discourse going. we shouldn’t forget the ‘marketplace of ideas’ – the best ones will carry through, so don’t steal their thunder by censoring the bad ones.

read Plato’s “the republic”.

immerse yourself in nature and experience the wilderness. learn to love and crave being in nature.


volunteer! comment below and i’ll help you find opportunities in your area 🙂

smile at people. smile at yourself. try a few to begin with. it’ll become easy to make that everyone.

light a candle.

if you’re Christian (or interested…):

treat people well. you never know what they’re going through, or how they’re feeling – even if what they’re feeling might not be a “big deal” to you, we all deal with things differently.

don’t judge. listen and love. it doesn’t hurt you to listen.

write stuff down – your thoughts, your strengths, your weaknesses, your aspirations and cravings, your friends, your goals, your dreams, what you like and dislike, what tv shows you’re watching, what songs are in your favourite playlists.

buy a plant and take care of it.

read more poetry.

teach yourself how to play the guitar. it’s not that hard – i promise.

love: deeply, broadly, widely. love people you would ordinarily hate. we all have flaws, differences, insecurities. love each other for the good parts and try to love the bad too. put jealousy and envy aside and i promise – you will find life to be so much more fulfilling.