you did this

The girl’s hair fell about her shoulders, blurring the edges of her face in a way that brought to her disposition a hidden vulnerability, a veiled fear: perhaps, the truth. At the thought of what she had just seen, at what she had just done, she curled her shoulders into herself, her shallow and invisible breaths carrying with them a sense of urgency she could … Continue reading you did this

cry me a river

river bends inked with glistening pearls of water – hydrogen, oxygen that when separated are life taking, life giving. and together, life itself.   river bends caressed by steady flows of water that swim protected by clouds of flowering yellows pinks blues purples. by towering trees on bladed greens in crumbling browns. but now that’s all they are – memories of colour.   river bends … Continue reading cry me a river


The sun dripped from the sky, seeming to melt me in its relentless heat. Beads of salty perspiration coated my forehead and I slowly became drowned in the substance, my body slick and sticky. My breaths turned to pants, which quickly turned to desperate gasps. I clutched the icy surface of my drink bottle, guzzling the life-saving liquid by the litre. The dense and humid … Continue reading bushwalk