autumn shade

As a result of a dramatic fluctuation of weather patterns, I have been able to venture out of the warmth of my house and do some photography while walking the dog.

Currently, our street is one of the most sumptuous halls of autumn shades! Crisp orange leaves line the pavement in neatly stacked piles and threadbare trees droop over the ebony bitumen, wary of the approaching winter. So… I have been taking many autumn / winter photos to share.





3 thoughts on “autumn shade

  1. Fantastic photos, Liv, they have so much texture I want to just grab the leaves and crunch them in my hands, and run my fingers across the tree bark. We do live in a gorgeous area, your photos make me appreciate this all the more.


  2. Hi Liv,
    Your photo’s looking incredible, I think you are going to do really well on your Passion Project.
    Good luck!
    From Melanie


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