Do you ever feel






And still, cocooned by the chatter and the noise and the laughter. But disjointed, disconnected. People. Like weak magnets drawn together by nothing but an arbitrary, imaginary force.

Perhaps the most significant imaginary force to ever believe in.

But still,


we are separate.

Our worlds unshared, unknown, untouched.

Do we share them?


Some magnets are stronger than others.
Stronger bonds, stronger connection. Closer.

But who’s to say you’ll ever find that – the one. The one you can feel a thousand miles away. You can feel the magnetism in your blood and in your bones.

But until then


Pretend to feel, to love, to be loved.

Is it selfish to not?

To wait forever, to focus on the flaws and the ever-growing space between the ones we do have?

Is it selfish to isolate yourself

to wallow in being so misunderstood?

Is it pathetic to wait for perfection?


Does it even exist?


A ringing static.

Bleeding into the silence.

So much noise and yet nothing to hear.

I’ll try.

To say something real

and to hear it back.

Maybe then I won’t feel so alone.





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