what turns a “normal” teenager into a mass murderer?

Love is more valuable than anything I know. To love is to enter a completion of one’s self. I hate those who choose to destroy a love, who take it for granted. love is greater than life even. As i look for love, i feel i can’t find it. ever. but something tells me i will. Someday. Somewhere. As my love will find me. She … Continue reading what turns a “normal” teenager into a mass murderer?

you did this

The girl’s hair fell about her shoulders, blurring the edges of her face in a way that brought to her disposition a hidden vulnerability, a veiled fear: perhaps, the truth. At the thought of what she had just seen, at what she had just done, she curled her shoulders into herself, her shallow and invisible breaths carrying with them a sense of urgency she could … Continue reading you did this

saving audrey – complete novella

Dear Readers, Finally, I have completed my novella! I have formatted the novel in word and have converted it into a PDF for easy reading. As well as this, I have created the book formally using a software called Blurb Bookwright. The only free option was to download the book as an Ebook, with files available for Kindle / eReader and Apple iPad. You can … Continue reading saving audrey – complete novella

the shooting star

Her eyes sparkled, reflecting the rich colour of the night sky. The star-dappled expanse twinkled, the moon smudged across the bay, its milky reflection illuminating part of the beach. Her lips trembled as she tried to put into words the gorgeous view that we were seeing. I smiled, so grateful for my beautiful daughter. The wind whispered, sharing secrets with the two of us despite … Continue reading the shooting star