at last, alive

She felt him next to her – his warmth radiating, his heartbeat pulsing steadily for the both of them. She heard his peaceful sigh as they gazed out into the sea of trees. An open plain of rolling green hills, with green and blue and pink pressed into the sky above them and leaking onto the halos of their peaks. And the green was wild. It was alive. Untamed, untouched by the crushing grasp of man, never subdued, but fully grown, unashamed and unaware of eyes that gazed on it with the awe they did in that moment.

There were birds soaring on the wind above them, moments of passing movement against the crystalline twilight sky. The wind was so clean and full of life. The trees and tiny plumes of pink and yellow flowers speckled the grassy knolls, the shrubs and trees in the distance. There was no one except for them in the whole world. It was them and the sea of green. And she glowed. Her heart buzzed and smiled, rising with perfect happiness inside her. Everything was aligned. Everything was peaceful. It was perfect in that moment. And she thought as her chest soared and filled – this is what I’ve waited for my whole life.            

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